Nkumba University’s Namirimu​ wins Miss Pearl 2018

Nkumba University’s Namirimu​ wins Miss Pearl 2018


Nkumba’s Patricia was overall winner defeating a field of 12 contestants

By Musa Ssemwanga
The first ever beauty peagent this year 2018 was on last weekend at the Golf Course Hotel Kampala.

The Miss Pearl grand finale had 15 finalists contest for the grand prize(Raum Car)after a month of boot camp which saw 20 other girls dropped.

The crowd went ecstatic when the eventual winner was announced

These girls, representing the various regions in Uganda, showcased their regional cultural virtues in the form of fashion, dance and runway artistry.

The show will be hosted by celebrated comedian Emmah Napoleone and there were performances from an array of Ugandan musical artistes, together with cultural dance groups. Notable among them is the ‘Kasenyanku’ singer Ray Signature and the Tube Dance Group.

The show which started at 6:00pm with a cocktail ended late into the night and Patricia Namirimu emerged as winner.​