Tusker ‘Lites’ maiden Kampala Night Run

Tusker ‘Lites’ maiden Kampala Night Run


By Website writer
Tusker Lite is poised to light up the streets of Kampala with Uganda`s first ever night run on June 9 this year. The two-kilometre run will give revellers a unique opportunity to break a sweat while having fun at the same time.
Organised under the theme ‘LITE THE NIGHT’, the start and finish point of the Tusker Lite Kampala Night Run will be Torino Bar & Restaurant in Kololo.

Bennie Gunter Poses withmodels at the launch of Tusker night run launch.

The night promises to get even better as the end of the run will mark the beginning of the glow in the dark after party, where the finish point will turn into a hive of activity for the runners-turned-partygoers, with drinks and adrenaline jerking games on offer until late in the night.
Participants will set off from Torino Bar and Restaurant, heading for Upper Kololo, through Impala Avenue, onto Lugogo Bypass and then returning to the set-off point. At the finish line, each participant will be ushered inside for the rest of the night’s activities which will include dancing challenges, German shots, with various prizes at stake.
Prizes will be given for categories including: shortest time to reach the finish line; first runner-up; second runner-up; most creative runner; most stylish runner; most lit/glowed up runner and; best squad. The prizes will include vouchers for designer sports gear, medals and gym bags.
Bennie Gunter Poses withmodels at the launch of Tusker night run launch.

In keeping in tune with the event’s fun theme, participants in the run can look forward to an evening where they literally glow in the dark, thanks to various fancy glow accessories that will be available to runners. These will range runners’ kits to glowing wrist bands and other accessories.
“This is an event which will combine glamour and excitement, and Tusker Lite is really excited to be at the heart of this unique experience coming to Kampala for the first time. There are few things that can beat the pleasure of a night run with friends that is capped by a great party with fun people,” Estella Muzito, UBL’s Head of Beer, said.
Speaking on behalf of the event organisers, Walter Muleyi confirmed Police had provided assurance that the participants in the night run will be safe.
“We have secured Police and KCCA permissions for this event. There will be security deployment along the entire route and traffic will be managed during the short time the run lasts,” he said.
To top off the night run, will be performances from Fik Fameica, Cindy, Beenie Gunter, Latinum and Allan Toniks with DJ Simples, Ciza and DJ Mary Jo.