Titus Tugume recognizes Bryan White for philanthropy

Titus Tugume recognizes Bryan White for philanthropy


By website writer
Ever since he burst on the scene, Bryan White has been known for giving. Well, now he has now started receiving.
Bryan White was a picture of glee and happiness on Monday, when he received a certificate of recognition from kickboxer Sergeant Titus Tugume.

Titus Tugume appreciated Bryan White for his philanthropy

The Kickboxer who won two gold medals and one silver medal at the World Kickboxing Union Championships in the US early this month pegged his success to the support he received from the Bryan White Foundation.
“Without Bryan White and his generous Foundation, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. I am very grateful for the Bryan White Foundation and Its choice to support talent promotion,” he revealed.
After his feat in the US, Bryan White rewarded Tugume with sh10m.
Bryan White emphasizing to the youth to work hard

In his brief acceptance speech, a visibly humbled Bryan White urged all youth to work hard, identify a talent and nurture it if there are to survive in the harsh world.