Gitawo joins SK Mbuga jail rescue mission.

Gitawo joins SK Mbuga jail rescue mission.


Cameroon Gitawo is set to save Sk Mbuga from jail

By website writer
South African based philanthropist, Cameroon Gitawo is on a path to mend fences. For a man who once had beef with fellow tycoon SK Mbuga, currently jailed in Dubai, the latest news is heart-warming.
The latest we hear is that Gitawo (real names Charles Mbibo) is set to fly to Dubai’s Awir Central Jail to try and secure the release of SK Mbuga, who has spent the last four months in jail.

Mbuga, 34, was arrested in connection with the alleged fraudulent transfer of the money from a company account Vivienne Chebet was running with her 71-year old Swedish boyfriend, Sten Heinsoo.
Speaking to the Kampala Sun, Gitawo revealed that he was ready to mend fences. “It is true we had our differences, but that is in the past. What remains is that my friend and brother (Mbuga) is still in jail.

Cameroon Gitawo with Vivian Mbuga in an earlier photo that sparked controversy between the tycoons.

I am flying to Dubai to try and secure his release. Even if it is about paying back the money, we have the capacity. What is important is that he secures his release so he enjoys his money and freedom,” Gitawo said.
Gitawo, who has also joined sports philanthropy however never revealed the date he would be travelling.
SK Mbuga once revealed through his brother Abdallah that there were some mafia in Kampala who want him to rot in jail so they can take over his property and money.

SK-Mbuga-and-Vivienne held a lavish wedding in Kampala

“Mbuga deserves the freedom. He is a good and generous man who was caught in a bad situation. The earlier he gets out of jail, the better it is for him and the economy. He is a philanthropist,” Gitawo revealed.
It is not yet clear whether Ugandan diplomats have been in position to meet Mbuga.
At the height of their beef, Mbuga accused Gitawo of snatching his lover Vivian and taking sh77m from him. He (Gitawo denied all the allegations.



  1. Hahahaaa, “people in Kampala want to take SK Mbuga’s property and Money”, whe he has failed to PAY back the money he stole from the Swedish, why not use the very money to settle the debt!