Radio Fans Create Own Camp dubbed “Radio Military Force” After Being Chased...

Radio Fans Create Own Camp dubbed “Radio Military Force” After Being Chased from Goodlyfe


Before Radio’s death, he had more than 20 songs which he did alone.


Mowzey Radio’s death created open doors to things starting turning and tiptoeing so badly in his music camp with counterpart and music partner Weasel Manizo as fans and members of the Goodlyfe label started disrespecting Weasel Manizo by not appreciating the way he quickly turned into Bryan White foundation also known as the podium in addition to his disguised talent.

Things started turning bad on a speedy phase that at one point even Weasel Manizo, the sole reminder of the Goodlyfe singing duo furiously asked some of the members of his Team Radio and Weasel (RAW) to dig up Mowzey Radio’s body and eat it.

This came about as certain Goodlyfe members like Derrick Nsubuga, Symon Enoth and many kept on showing their support for the late Radio and less for the living Weasel Manizo as they also kept on comparing the two hence triggering Weasel’s anger button.

Now the fans of Team RAW were a few days ago chased away by Weasel as he also went ahead and blocked them on social media compelling that he wanted nothing to do with them and since Mowzey Radio still has so many trending songs, the prodigal fans have started up their own group called “Radio Military Force” to only support Radio’s music.

Moles anticipate that Weasel cannot sustain the label musically following his deprived talent that was sustained by Radio who at all times was in charge of song writing and advisor to weasel during song production and voicing.