Kamyuka convicted of manslaughter, jailed for three years.

Kamyuka convicted of manslaughter, jailed for three years.


Kamyuka has been sentenced to three years in jail

By Michael Odeng

Businessman Ivan Kamyuka has been convicted and sentenced to three years and eighty months in prison for un-intentionally murdering John Ahimbisibwe over a woman at Guvnor Club in Kampala.

High Court judge, Wilson Kwesiga acquitted Kamyuka of murder and instead found him guilty of manslaughter after examining the prosecution evidence.

According to the evidence, the deceased attacked Kamyuka first and provoked his girlfriend, Nima Nyarwaka.

To exonerated Kamyuka of murder, justice Kwesiga also considered his defence evidence and that of his girlfriend Nyarwaka who testified that late Ahimbisibwe was a violent man who had been even deported from Sweden over his conduct.

Nyarwaka further testified that he divorced Ahimbisibwe with whom they had a 7-year- old son in 2013 because of assault.​