B2C singers to perform in London

B2C singers to perform in London


B2c will be performing in London in August

By Winnie Nakassanje
Last week one of them was in these pages for fighting Eddie Kenzo over a babe. This week, they are in the news for better reasons.
The latest we hear is that whereas their maiden show in Uganda still hangs in balance, the singing trio of B2C has landed a music gig in London.
They are to headline the East African European convention in London which is scheduled for August 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel in London.
The East African convention is a three days event that brings together people from East Africa living in London for social, cultural and economic interaction
The B2C trio; Mr. Lee (Richard Mugisha), Julio Delvard (Julius Kasagga) and Bobby Lash (Simon Peter Ssali) are unsettled, they are all over the place working on their wardrobes and vocals for their London show.
Andrew Mugerwa their manager confirmed the trip. “It is confirmed that the boys are performing in London just days to our maiden show. We were contacted by Beatrice Kayanja the President of the East African European convention. It is a big honour, we shall perform live. ” he said