McKenzie quits Radio city for personal business

McKenzie quits Radio city for personal business


By Norah Mukimba
Radio personality and event emcee Bryan McKenzie Sabiiti has quit his job at Bugolobi based Radio City to concentrate on personal business.
In a long winded post, the bubbly radio personality denies he is set to join a rival radio station.
Here is what he wrote:

I have something to share. A few years ago, I didn’t imagine I would be making a decision like the one I made 6 months ago, I always thought I was going to be on Radio till I hit 70yrs old, I just love Radio so much because in many ways it has been my parent, my therapist, my hide out …but it has also been my comfort zone.

In my early years as a Radioguy, I just wanted to be the best, my desire to be at the top was immense that I won an Award every year for 8yrs straight (Different accolades) but still this was not enough, I knew I had to do better, so I tried out being a continental presenter which got me at Number 6 in Africa 2016, I went on to be a judge at The Channel O awards and was a correspondent for Jamming Africa, one of Africa’s biggest radio countdowns. My life in radio opened doors for me but not my heart, I still felt a need for more.

In 2009 January, I got a job I had dreamt of, being on Jam Agenda (A show on WBS)Some of you weren’t born), anyway… everyone like me in school wanted to be on such a show, it meant you have made it. When I got it, I was not sure how to react, So I took it step by step… it later created an ego that almost made me lose my life. Thanks to supportive friends, I got back up and decided to follow the path of self awareness. Learning from my peers, watching moves of my bosses and just basically learning how to be Human.

One of my mentors was Richard Sematimba, just by watching how he lives his life made me believe in myself, the entire Sematimba family is one to learn from, being apart of that family has brought out confidence in me, I see things I never saw before, I work with pure intentions and for some reason, money has become my slave in many ways because just by being the best of me, the money literally looks for me. I don’t want to seem to be bragrant here but yes, working for Radiocity has raised the bars of my creativity.

5yrs ago, with the help of Radiocity, I started a team of creatives under the name KELLA PR, many asked what exactly my plan was in the beginning and I clearly told them, I didn’t know exactly what I would be able to do because there was too much to do. 5yrs later, we have one of East Africa’s unique party franchise in Kellagram Silent Disco and in Kampala, we have created some of the most unique entertainment products and managed to give it all back to the community through Charity based projects. I can’t express how amazing it feels but also how hard it has been to convince someone with statements like… ” I have an idea ”

So 6 months ago, I decided it was my time to take on my own journey and jump off the cliff. My mother ship has done enough for me, to be able to sail on my own. June 29th (next Thursday) will be my last day on air at Radiocity.

I want to thank you… you that has supported me all these years, I want to assure that you have so far got just a 25% of my energy and I want to get you the other 75 in a unique way with indepent ideas with the same mindset you have supported over the years.

NB: I am not doing this to join another Radio Station.