Social media tax: Internet Trolls Attack Anita Fabiola

Social media tax: Internet Trolls Attack Anita Fabiola


By Website writer
NBS Katchup TV host, Anita Fabiola has become the butt of jokes after her opinion on the social media tax levied by government spectacularly backfired.
With most Ugandans against the sh200 social media tax, Fabiola, playing the patriotic card took to social media and beseeched them to pay the tax claiming her ambassadorial roles hinge on social media presence.
“We can’t survive off 10 comments and 50 likes. We need you to stay online, she noted.

Ugandans were not impressed responding,

“Selfish mind, think of the poor people who can’t afford the tax before you talk about likes, consider others and they will consider you. Well, you are lucky yours is already paid for.”

“So you want people in the villages who can’t even afford a 100 shilling candle to light in the dark to pay social media tax of 200 in order to press the “like” button on the nonsense you post for your own benefit?”

Twitter was unforgiving. Some claimed she has a naked brain.

“Someone just said you can’t mention Diana Kinobe & Anitah Fabiola with stupidity in the same sentence, it is repetition,” a one Ahmed Muto observed.