Controversial video: We were misunderstood- Miss Uganda CEO

Controversial video: We were misunderstood- Miss Uganda CEO


Brenda Nanyonjo has explained that they were misunderstood by the Ugandan audience

By Website writer
The controversial Miss Uganda video in which a panel is seen bullying a contestant has caused mixed feelings.
The public has come out to lambast panellist Nana Kagga Mac Pherson, who responded in equal measure. She branded her critics as ‘people seeking relevance’ much to their chagrin.

However, Miss Uganda CEO Brenda Nanyonjo, has cleared the air and apologized for the gaffe. She however maintains that the public lost out on the humour in translation.

In a press release, she says that the new Miss Uganda would be full of entertainment and reality content meant for social media; it would be similar to international competitions. Here is what she wrote:
There has been a lot of discussion on social media about a reality TV video clip that was published from the Miss Uganda auditions.
From our initial press conference we promised the new Miss Uganda Pageant would be full of showbiz, entertainment and reality content made for social media and TV similar to competitions such as The Voice, American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, etc.
Additionally all competitors in Miss Uganda knew that they were participating in a pageant where they will be judged on their appearance (looks, speech,poise,general knowledge etc)and a reality show will be filmed and aired. From the beginning of the campaign we promised to bring you all the content that happens behind the scenes including funny, sad, happy, angry and emotional moments throughout the entire Miss Uganda journey. This is a fresh new start to bring more public engagement and insight to the Miss Uganda pageant.
This concept may be new to Uganda but we ensure that empowering young women and beauty with a purpose has always been the fundamental cause of the pageant. We had more than 250 girls who attended the auditions and the panel of judges selected the top 23 girls who they thought were the most likely to succeed if they were faced by judges at Miss World.
Some of the judges are former beauty Queens that have represented our country at Miss World and they are working to groom a Miss Uganda winner that can represent Uganda on a global scale as this is one of the most important elements of the competition.

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Posted by Keem Love Black on Wednesday, July 18, 2018