David Lutalo in song theft claim

David Lutalo in song theft claim



In a situation where the impacts of copy right are less emphasized, cases of copy and paste are expected to be on the rise.

Re-known singer David Lutalo as widely identified as a talented musician known for composing his own songs and crafting his own music magic is in cases of song infringement following a one Emmanuel Kulishizhi coming out to claim that Lutalo stole his song.

Emma Kulishizi accuses David Lutalo of song theft

Emma Kulishizhi claims that David Lutalo stole and copied his song called “Nkwagalira Ddala” which is the latest release from David Lutalo and according to Emma, he claims that his song was recorded in Nathanate Studio, Jinja, in 2010.

“I know the veteran has spent a lot of time deliberating over my music on internet and I’m wondering how such an established musician spent like a half a decade tinkering around with my song.” Emma Claims.

On top of all this, Emmanuel Kulishzhi has gone ahead and cried his heart out to Maama Fiina, the leader of traditional doctors based in Bulenga to come out and rescue him as she is known for saving talented stars with no voices.

“I am seeking an assisting hand from a one Maama Fina, who accords topmost importance to excellent relations with the poor who are especially talented. I am asking her to intervene in the declining talent of a virtuoso maestro that my songs hence being unpublicized, are ending up being replicated by plagiarists.” Cried out Emmanuel.



  1. Comment:Emmy it seems you are just desperate.Don’t stain Lutalo ‘s image.Am sure you can’t win advise you to join him. BigUps David!