How it went down at Judith Babirye’s introduction/ wedding

How it went down at Judith Babirye’s introduction/ wedding


By Paul Waiswa
Biblically in the book of 1 Corinthians, it is said that your ways are not my ways neither your thoughts are my thoughts. Similarly, it was not too late for re-known gospel singer Judith Babirye to act in accordance to her ways, thoughts, wills, agitations and opinions as she introduced her hubby.

Judith babirye and her husband lovingly gaze at each other

On Saturday July 28th 2018, Ugandan gospel music singer and member of Parliament, Hon Judith Babirye secretly introduced her new lover, also an MP called Paul Musoke Sebulime, also a flight captain to her parents in a local Kwanjula ceremony.

The 41 year old Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye and MP for Buikwe North Paul Musoke held their introduction ceremony at a secret location, only to be revealed to guests privately and at the last minute and it was a hotel.

Judith babirye was ciocky and playful as she made her vows

At last moment, the location of their Kwanjula was revealed and the two held it at the Country Lake Resort Hotel in Garuga. The hotel is located in Garuga next to Hon Gilbert Bukenya’s Katomi Kingdom Hotel.
There was a sumptuous buffet for the guests

However, lawyers said that this marriage/introduction ceremony according to the country laws that govern marriage. Provia Nangobi, the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) spokesperson, said Babirye is still registered as married to her first husband, Samuel Niiwo and the marriage has not been dissolved.

“We have not yet finalized the divorce papers. We completed the first phase but I have not yet signed final marriage dissolution,” Niiwo said as different celebrities flocked the kwanjula ceremony.