Gor Mahia chairman blasts Walusimbi on Kaizer Chiefs move

Gor Mahia chairman blasts Walusimbi on Kaizer Chiefs move

Gor Mahia chairman has been fuming

By Website writer
Following the surprise news of Gor Mahia defender Godfrey Walusimbi’s ‘move’ to South African side Keizer Chiefs, the club’s chairman Ambrose Rachier has given a word on what unfolded.

Rachier told the official Gor Mahia website that Walusimbi made it to South Africa without any sort of permission or notifying the club.

“Let it be known that Walusimbi made it to South Africa to meet Keizer Chiefs without the club’s permission or notifying the club on his travel intentions. It’s unfortunate that a player can just decide on his own to travel to engage another club without our knowledge,” said the chairman.
Gor Mahia only got a call from Chiefs chairman asking if they could negotiate on the player but the club through chairman Rachier declined the request saying that what the player and Keizer Chiefs did was wrong because a running contract is in place.

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“I got an alert from someone that he was traveling and the next thing was a call from Keizer Chiefs chairman apologising for that step and requesting if we could talk on a possible move.

“I declined to discuss anything and told Chiefs chairman l will hold a meeting with my EC then we will know what step to take. What Walusimbi did was wrong… Keizer Chiefs too did something wrong because that’s player tapping which is against stipulated rules yet the player has a running contract. There are clear and accepted produres if they wanted the player,” he added.

Walusimbi played against Bandari in Mombasa on Tuesday and was reported to have made it to South Africa on Thursday.