Murder Musik Comes of age

Murder Musik Comes of age


By Solomon Muleyi

For a long time in Uganda, musical stars have been made off the ability to wield groovy danceable beats in their music. It is the case for artistes like Vinka, Fik Fameica, Nutty Neithan, Voltage Music (et al) and most recently, the dynamic duo of Eyezak Khan and Symo of Murder Musik.

The duo, real names Biyinzika Simon and Isaac Kyeyune have recently become the talk of town. Courtesy of their latest song, Njagala Nkwagale, Murder Musik is hastily getting the attention of Ugandans locally and abroad.

Their style of music, for a first ear, sounds exotically Jamaican. Yet voiced in a perfectly whipped concoction of Luganda and patois.

The song (Njagala Nkwagale) recorded by Paddy Musik makes the duo a musical force to reckon with as almost all the DJ’s in the more urban hangouts of Uganda are playing it.


Murder Musik is a music duo that comprises of Eyezark Khana and Symo. The duo does dancehall music, reggae, gospel and Afropop, but maintain that they are versatile and can sing any genre.


Symo (29) and Eyezark Khaan (30) are however not new to Ugandan Music. They have, for a good part of their youths been contributing to the industry through cultural performance groups such as Nkwanzi Troupe.

Symo took a break off the percussion journey (he plays all the big drums, Namunjoloba, Adungu, Akogo, Endingidi, Pied Pipes) to join music, while Isaac Khan let go of his football career to do music.

Both were born in Bulange, Lusazi, and have been best friends since child hood. The energetic duo insists they are the next big thing in Uganda’s music.

Have a listen to their music here.