Sh3b spent on National Theatre renovation

Sh3b spent on National Theatre renovation


The revamped National Theatre

By Felix Oketcho
After massive renovation of National Theatre that swallowed close to sh 3bn management has announced mega launch this 29th of August.
According National Theatre and cultural centre boss Francis Ojede the facility has been given modern facelift comprising of modern corporate offices,good garden for hire where management will collect revenue.
National Thearte recently also signed memorandum of understanding with Mgahinga Cultural and Crafts Centre to promote cultural tourism in Western region.
Peter Ojede says the project cost close to sh3b

Francis Ojede said,“The signing of our memorandum of understanding marks the beginning of our strategic plan to take cultural tourism to the community and promote tourism outside Kampala,”Ojede said.

Over the years most of the activities aimed at promoting performing and visual artists and number of celebrations have always been carried out in Kampala making it difficult for up country people to benefit from lots of talent.
Hebert Mugisha Chief Executive Officer of Mgahinga Cultural Arts and Cultural Centre welcomed the new partnership saying this will open western region tourism potential.

“The signing of the MOU will expand and strengthen the cultural programming and service and also engage new audience especially arts and cultural stakeholders in western region,” he said.
Tourism activities planned.