I’m not a mole-Mugisha Muntu

I’m not a mole-Mugisha Muntu


By Website writer
Former FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu has come out to vehemently deny claims that he is an NRM mole spying on the opposition.
While announcing his new political party called the New Formation on Thursday at a widely publicized press conference following his desertion from the FDC party, Muntu said: “If I was a mole, I would have stayed and played my role to ensure that the FDC doesn’t stabilize. At FDC, I refused to be drawn into. I refused to be drawn into these internal wars. I was undermined but I kept looking at the unity of the party first. “I was also called a mole when I was in the bush,” he revealed.
At the press meeting attended by a number of MPs that are joining his new group, notably former Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza, he said integrity is one of his strongest points.
“Integrity is one the most central values of my existence as a human being. When we agree I tell you; when we disagree I also tell you. I admit my errors. There is nothing I have spent more time in my life on than building of character.”

The development comes after news that Muntu and Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) reportedly met on Tuesday to agree on a working engagement. The meeting, a source close to the two groups said, was requested by Muntu who reportedly called Kyagulanyi and his lawyer Asuman Basalirwa by telephone.
Sources with knowledge of the plan said Muntu views Bobi Wine as a powerful political force without a political party bureaucracy, which makes him easy to work with. Previously, Muntu has said in interviews that he is open to working with Bobi Wine.
On August 27, Muntu was one of sureties for Kyagulanyi at the High court in Gulu where he was charged with treason alongside 33 others.