I Want BLU* 3 reunion-Cindy

I Want BLU* 3 reunion-Cindy



Back in the days when one talked of RnB lyrics among females, possibly he or she could not miss talking about a music trio group that was popularly known as the Blu*3 under the management of Fenon label that belonged to a one Steve Jean who doubled as both a singer and manager/ producer.

The Blu*3 was one of the biggest girl groups after they managed to produce hit songs like ‘Hitaji’ ‘where you are’, ‘Fire’ and many more before they bitterly split about a decade ago.

Cindy is itching for a reunion of the BLU 3

Now one of the former members of the girl’s group, Cindy Sanyu also known as the ‘king herself’ has come out to suggest and show how much she would love to reunite with her former friends, work together because no one has been able to do it like them. Notably, the group was comprised of Cindy, Jackie Chandiru and Lilian Mbabazi

While appearing in an interview on one of the Kampala based radio station on a show dubbed the ‘Big Bang’, she revealed that she would love to work with Lilian Mbabazi and Jackie Chandiru again.

When we contacted her for more information on phone about the reunion she revealed they would share great experiences after being apart for all this while.
When asked on whether she would love to do a collabo with Jackie Chandiru and Lillian Mbabazi, Cindy said, “I have been waiting for so long to bring that Blu*3 vibe back. It would be great. No one has been able to do it like we used to.”
In recap, almost everyone had a successful solo career until Jackie Chandiru got hooked to drugs. But other factors held constant, fans are wondering if at a time re-union triumphs, they can still have the chemistry to remake the wonderful group that can survive on music and not beef as it is direction of success today.