Gravity Omutujju Buys Benz, Stings Rivals

Gravity Omutujju Buys Benz, Stings Rivals


By Norah Mukimba

All is well for singer Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju after holding a successful ‘Embuzi zakutudde’ concert weeks back at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Gravity has bought a brand new Silver ML Mercedes Benz and branded it ‘Who is Who’ at the top of the wind screen in bald letters.

It should be reminisced that the phrase ‘Who is Who’ was a battle between him and fellow lugaflow rappers Fefe Bussi and Da Agent.

This time round it looks like Gravity has put aside using songs and instead used tangible results to show ‘Who is Who’ to the rest of his rivals.

However, within few days of driving the monster car, he has decried its maintenance costs

“Yesterday, I put fuel of 50k and drove on on Salaama road and before I could turn on another road,the red light was blinking. This is to much for me,” he narrated.