Singer Viboyo arrested for defaming President Museveni

Singer Viboyo arrested for defaming President Museveni


Viboyo has been arrested for defaming the President and Speaker of parliament in song


As it has always been emphasized by the different law enforcing units that are entitled to protect and promote peoples’ freedoms and rights that promoting personal rights should not be a breeding ground for disrespecting or violating other people’s rights and freedoms.

This kind of literature has been neglected if not under looked by majority of natives but for local singer Viboyo Oweyo will exemplary serve as an eye opener more so when it comes to disrespecting the president and other dignitaries on the executive.

Latest news reaching our entertainment desk is that the singer has been arrested by the police for allegedly releasing a song that attacks President Yoweri Museveni and the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.

Quoting Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011 on offensive communication, Sekatte said that, “Any person who willfully and repeatedly uses electronic communication to disturb or attempts to disturb the peace, quiet or right of privacy of any person with no purpose of legitimate communication whether or not a conversation ensues commits a misdemeanor and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding twenty-four currency points or imprisonment not exceeding one year or both.”

The Police also claim that Viboyo said he was tired of the leadership of a Rwandan national, accusing him of carrying murders of former police spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi and Andrew Kayiira.

The message carried in the song enticed police operatives to arrest the singer though the place being taken to is not yet established by police.

Viboyo is the singer behind songs like Nze Mbasinga, Nyumbani ft Good lyfe, Mbikwata mpola among others.