Female DJs to stage Rhythm Dance Party

Female DJs to stage Rhythm Dance Party


Dj Rachael is set for a gig at The Square

By Norah Mukimba

The Mirembe Rhythm Dance party will be going down come October 12 at The Square in Industrial Area.

The spotlight will be on female deejays and DJ Rachael will be one of the acts showcasing at the Mirembe Rhythm Dance Party.

Organised by Goethe-Zentrum Kampala, the Mirembe Rhythm Dance Party will be a blend of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Hip Hop and dancehall with showcases from both local and international DJs.

The party will feature guest DJ Sarah Farina and music producer and DJ Yo van Lenz from Germany alongside prominent EDM DJs from Uganda like Hakuna Kulala, Catu Diosis, DJ Rachael, The Control Posse (an EDM/Hip Hop Fusion collective of MCs and a DJ), and Kampala’s much loved dancehall spinner, DJ Ciza.

The Mirembe Rhythm Dance Party aims to spread positivity, peace and unity through music and dance.

Later on, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala in partnership with Femme Electronic will also be conducting a free workshop on Sunday, October 14 where they will teach women the basics and depths of DJing and production. The workshop will be facilitated by DJ Rachael (Uganda), alongside Sarah Farina and Yo van Lenz (Germany).