Video: Fans turn Rowdy at Ebonies, Vinka London Show

Video: Fans turn Rowdy at Ebonies, Vinka London Show


Still about violence in London

Posted by Kakensa Media on Sunday, October 7, 2018

By Norah Mukimba
Recently, singer Vinka celebrated a milestone. It was one year since she signed on to Swangz Avenue. To follow that, she landed a gig to perform in London alongside the Ebonies and Golden Band’s Geoffrey Lutaaya.
However, as fate would have it, Vinka and Geoffrey Lutaaya never performed at the Royal Regency in London, prompting the crowd to turn rowdy and pelt bottles on stage.

Vinka says rthat her contractual obligations were not met in London

“We want our money back. This sis day light robbery,” the crowd bayed. Geoffrey Lutaaya who was actually believed to be in London could not perform because of reasons yet to be revealed. When that bad news was announced by the emcee of the show, bottles started flying.

Geoffrey Lutaaya chose to enjoy the game between Manchester United and Newcastle rather than perform at the London regency

Vinka however detailed that she failed to perform after some of her contractual obligations were not met by the organizers. This is what she wrote on Instagram: “My London fans, it is unfortunate the show couldn’t go on as planned. The promoter violated his contractual obligations on all fronts…”