I’ve not quit marriage, Ebonies- Underwood

I’ve not quit marriage, Ebonies- Underwood


Julie revealed that she travelled to the US with the blessings of her husband

By Norah Mukimba
Long term Ebonies actress, Julie Underwood has scoffed at claims that she abandoned her career and family to eke out a living in the US.
Word on the grapevine had it that Underwood became frustrated with life in Uganda and tried to start afresh in the US.
She however took to social media to deny the claims on Wednesday (17, October). She wrote: “AM (sic) reading a lot of rumours on social media regarding my going to the USA and they are affecting my reputation, my Image but most of all my Family coz it’s all lies …
First and foremost I didn’t leave The Ebonies. I got maternity leave my boss granted it .Secondly my fiancée Pharouque Sempala is fully aware of my trip and he fully sponsored it. I went to the US to deliver my baby from there as well as visit my sick sister then return.
Julie Underwood (left) with fellow Ebonies actress Fauzian Nakiboneka in London

I couldn’t travel at a later time they couldn’t let me board a plane coz then I would be too heavy but please beg let my family live in peace .my fiancée is aware of everything. Thank you,”
In August, it was revealed that the couple was expecting their first child and her third.
Moles spotted the two walking hand in hand in Munyonyo. Although Underwood, dressed in a loose black dress did her best to try and camouflage her bulging tummy, Pharouque let the secret out.
He repeatedly caressed her tummy with his sausage-like fingers and at one time, he placed his ear on it as if to feel the unborn child’s heartbeat. “He is very excited and is eager to let the world know they are having a baby,” a mole reveals.
The two legalized their marriage after years of being under cover lovers. Pharouque had a litany of light skinned ladies with cash on his hit list while Underwood was married to comedian Simon Kalema. They have two children.



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