Chozen Blood is just an attention seeker- Team No Sleep

Chozen Blood is just an attention seeker- Team No Sleep


Chozen Blood claims he was beaten on sundat for quitting the Team No Sleep. They deny the assault claims

By Website writer
On Wednesday, social media was awash with claims that Team No Sleep (TNS) manager Jeff Kiwa thumped former crew member Chozen Blood and sprained his neck in the process.

The purported fight happened at Kiseminti based Sky Lounge with claims that there was bad blood between boss and servant folliwng his (Chozen Blood’s) exit from Team No Sleep (TNS) a month ago .

Chozen claims that Jeff punched him several times on Sunday. He alleges that the chaos started after the deejay played his latest jam “Lumya” which sent the crowd into hyper mood and Jeff started attacking Chozen, accusing him of being ungrateful.

The scuffle issued between the two and they were separated by police. According the singer he sustained minor injuries.

However, we have since learnt that the alleged fight and injuries could be a figment of the singer’s fertile imagination. oden Y Kabako, who was also at Sky Lounge on Sunday night where the said fight occurred, he rubbished the claims.
In his words, Kabako said that Chozen Blood is just trying to seek media attention. Chozen Blood is just a media attention seeker. On Sunday, I was at Sky Lounge with my crew but did not see Jeff beating him up as he claims.
” TNS has no time to waste on Chozen Blood as they let him quit their camp in peace,” he said.