Mc Kats and Khalifa in a bar brawl

Mc Kats and Khalifa in a bar brawl


By Musa Semwanga
MC Katts is in a combative mood lately. Latest news indicates he is not seeing eye-to-eye with musician Kalifah Aganaga. The two light weight celebs fought at Wave Lounge, Acacia Avenue last week.

Mc Katts was involved in a war of words with kalifah Aga Naga

A source privy to the beef tells us Khalifa has for countless times failed to show up whenever he’s invited to be hosted on one of the night weekly shows NBS TV. As a result, management banned his (Kalifah’s) music from playing on any of their platforms.
However last Thursday, Aganaga learnt his woes are beyond NBS TV corridors when his attempt to perform at Wave Lounge was frustrated by Mc Katts, who hosts the night.
A mole relays, “For hours, he pleaded with the deejay to perform only to be told to seek Kat’s permission since he hosts the night. Katts refused, prompting the Katono singer to pour whiskey in Katts face,”
Bouncers threw the pencil thin Kalifah out of the premises as Mc Katts promised to show, who’s boss.