Why a clique of some SC Villa fans want Moses Basena lynched

Why a clique of some SC Villa fans want Moses Basena lynched


By Nelson Ssengooba
Moments of levity are never far away from SC Villa when it comes to Jogoo fans to vent their spleen when things go wrong. If you need clarification, ask former president Immanuel Ben Misagga.
Those who have followed Ugandan football for long time stress the hooliganism habits are ingrained in the DNA of SC Villa fans. If you know, you know! And their vociferous and hooliganism habits are much truly a live and in full swing, at least if ugly scenes that happened at kavumba recreation grounds are to be re-visited.
In the awake of SC Villa’s 2-1 loss to Mbarara City on Saturday, a group of Impatient Jogoo fans, 15 in number to be exact, were calling on new coach Moses Basena to throw in a towel with immediate effect.
The match day six results meant the 16- league champions have not won a game football this season. The only three points they boast were collected from stalemates against Kirinya Jinja SS, Bright Stars and URA FC. They have lost to Onduparaka fc, Vipers SC and league minnows Mbarara City and a cursory look on the UPL 16 team log, the Jogoos are languishing in the murky waters of relegation.

Irate fans pelted coach Basena with stones before Police came to his rescue

It is this dismal run of results that has angered a section of fans and are demanding that new head coach Moses Basena resign. They came close to roughing him up like a village chicken thief but police acted swiftly and whisked him away for safety.
However, their choice of expressing their frustration wasn’t the best- literally. Witnessing charged brutes hurling bare insults at graceful, respected man in Ugandan football circles like Moses Basena was so ridiculous that it was hilariously compelling.
There is a difference between cathartic ranting and physical violence. But by look of proceedings, the angry fans had opted for the latter on the beleaguered coach. Basena was overheard broadly talking about the combination of media and fan criticism, but specifically more vocal to the latter. ‘What you want from your fans is to fight together not beat you up. They became emotional and excessive”. The implicit message? This clique of irate fans is doing their team a disservice. ‘We are playing well, but we are just unlucky. The results will come and trying to beat the coach wasn’t the best idea.” Said a villa player.
It is worth mentioning since his appointment, Basena has been on the receiving end of some pretty vile abuse from critical. But the ill-fated events that happened in Kavumba have left Basena an aggrieved man. The Kampala Sun has learnt that the former Cranes coach has already vented his traumatic ordeal to his bosses, and fears are rife that he seriously contemplating to prematurely vacant the SC Villa hot seat.
Coach Basena was whisked away amid tight security

Basena and his players are doing nothing right in the eyes of this disgruntled section of fans. They have predicted that villa’s stakes at relegation are for everyone see and won’t just sit and watch their club turn into a certain club in Wakulukuku.
‘We can’t just look on as our beloved club is performing miserably like this. We don’t want to be like these yam growers in wakulukuku who survived relegation on last day last season.” Said one irate fan.
They have attributed the team’s early struggles to the Basena’s flawed transfer policy where he okayed the recruitment of aging stalwarts and rejects in the name of “tried and tested big signings”.
SC Villa has flattered to deceive this season as they have only managed three stalemates after six games

Habib Kavuma, Manco Kaweesa, Mike Serumaga ,goalie Brain Bwete, Edgar Luzige and Savio Kabugo, all reported to have interested to join the Jogoos by the current coach, are conspicuously highlighted as Basena’s mess.
The fans reckon, with a hint of derision, some of these players are spent forces. They have graced local football for time immemorial and have nothing new to offer as the fading giants seek to revive their fortunes.
The joke is that they should be now in retirement enjoying their retirement benefits, if they happen to have any. These players are viewed as octogenarians who have severely failed to live to the expectation. Intimate sources close to the Villa corridors of power say that while signing their contracts, some players were “subtracting” 20 years from their actual ages to appear younger.
Enter the misfits and rejects’ like former relegated Masavu FC defender Moses Kiggundu; Joseph Semujju and misfiring striker Ajab Abdulrahman have produced dismal displays only to aggravate Basena’s woes.
However, there are the pro-Basena who still believe that given time, results will start improving. They believe that it is still premature to write down SC villa’s obituary. To them, the season is still salvageable. Hooligans will be brought to book SC villa PRO Sharon Odongo was also not spared from the mayhem in Kavumba. A one Eddy blocked Sharon’s way as she was exiting the stadium, and with the seriousness of an erection, warned her to “leave SC Villa”. It took the intervention of a one Hajji Jjagwe who came to her rescue.
Sharon’s crime? She is alleged to be a mole of former Villa Boss Misagga. While talking to Kampala Sun on phone, Adongo termed these fans “ hooligans who don’t need to be associated with a big club like Villa.” ‘It is unfortunate that such a small group of hooligans want to stain the club’s image in eyes of public. They pushed me back and forth and now the whole of my body is hurting. The good thing the management has promised to bring these culprits to book. Their stinking behaviours were uncalled for. The coach still has the backing of the Board and other fans. Sharon, who was one of the few surviving people of the Misagga regime added, “I don’t know why they call me Misagga’s spy. I am serving SC Villa under contract and I also have much love for this club”