Triplets Ghetto Kids get multi-million home

Triplets Ghetto Kids get multi-million home


By Norah Mukimba

When God is on your side, everything is possible from being homeless to renting now news reaching our desk indicates that renowned dancing group, the Triplets Ghetto Kids have purchased themselves a multi-million house in Makindye.

According to their manager Kavuma Dauda, it was a ‘hustle’ to see this dream come true.

“We have always dreamt of getting ourselves a home and due to support from the fans we now have a home. We bought this house when it was almost done and we only made a few renovations,” Kavuma explained.

The Triplets Ghetto Kids were gifted a new house

The current house is accommodating a total of 25 kids however much the ghetto kids are over 50

Kavuma further revealed that the house is property of Triplets Ghetto Kids.

“This house is not in my name (Kavuma Dauda) but I can assure you all documents are in the name of Triplets Ghetto kids,” he said.