Super FM’s Stuart Kimera in Child neglect battle

Super FM’s Stuart Kimera in Child neglect battle


By Ronnie Twine
If you know names of players who scored in the recent Masaza Cup Finale game between Buddu and Ssingo, you probably got information from Stuart Kimera. He relays sports news on Super FM, Monday-Friday. His job has earned him a name in several sports circles, and areas around Super FM. Areas like Mutesa Royal University. When you mention his name there, people will say they know him. They know him not only because of his work on radio, but also because he has picked girls from the University to his bed. One such girl is, Namusalisi Aidah, a twenty-eight year old graduate from the University. One evening in 2012 Aidah and Kimera met in the now defunct Monalisa bar. Boy liked girl. Aidah said the feeling was mutual. It was the beginning of their love story, which soon ended, and has now taken an ugly twist. Aidah and Kimera are embroiled in a child-neglect battle.

Aidah Namusalisi and Damiano Kato have accused the radio star of neglecting his child

The child in question is six years old. “He was providing help in the beginning but he stopped and started claiming that he is not the father of the child,” Aidah reveals.
He said, “My relatives performed rituals on the child and ascertained that he doesn’t belong to our bloodline.”
Kimera’s denial of fatherly responsibility has led to never ending cat and mouse games. There has been an attempt to subject the kid to a DNA test, Kimera dodged, “He said he did not have 750k to pay the required bills yet he had allowed on agreement for the DNA to be carried out,” says Aidah.
Stuart Kimera has been accused of ignoring his child

The DNA test was to be conducted at the Uganda Analytical Laboratory in Wandegyeta. This however was without court order, as required by the law.
The couple has been in and out of police offices. “I have reported him to nearly every police station in Kampala, but everywhere I go, I am not helped. The police officers are good before Kimera meets with them, I think he bribes them,” she claims.
Aidah wants Kimera to own up and take up his duties as a father. She says she cannot afford school fees, medical care and other necessities. “I do not have a job. I have tried to find employment in vain.”
She holds a bachelors degree in guidance and counseling from Mutesa Royal Univeristy.

At their first meeting in the bar, Aidah says she was attracted to him because of his looks. “He is handsome.” She did not know about his job on radio, it was not long before he presented his credentials. Not later they were rolling in bed together. It was love at first sight. “Kimera said he loved me. He promised to marry me,” Aidah conveys.
“He however did not take me to his home. When he wanted to sleep with me, he came to my hostel,” she adds shyly.
Aidah later discovered that Kimera could not take him to where he stayed because, “he had a wife at home.”

When he confronted him, he said he was going to rent her a house where they’d stay. She loved him, and dreamed of staying with him forever. She cared less about the other wife. “I was blind. Love is blind,” Aidah says regretfully.
Many of their meetings happened in bars. From the bars, the next destination would be Aidah’s residence.
“I started going to his work place when he refused to provide for the child. Everyone at Super FM knows me. At the reception, they tell me he is not around when I go to see him. I think he told them to always chase me like that,” Aidah narrates.

Although Aidah is still chasing Kimera, it is strictly about child care. The love she once had for him faded. In his place, there is a one, Damian Kato with whom she is cohabiting. Damian and Aidah currently live in Mpigi district.
Damian says he is willing to stay with, ‘Kimera’s child’. “I can provide shelter, and other simple things but I want Kimera to start providing for crucial needs. We had agreed about that,” he says.

Aidah Namusalis was the law to take course

Damian has been providing shelter to child and mother since a year ago when the relationship started.
“Aidah was my friend at University. I knew about his love affair with Kimera. I also knew about the child-battle when it started. I intervened then as the guild president. We took matters to police. Kimera knows me from that time,” says Damian.
He has not met with Kimera since then, although they have occasionally communicated on phone.
Aidah is lying- Kimera

Kimera is very vocal on radio, but he was far from that when we sought him out for a comment regarding child-neglect. He was elusive to many of the questions saying that, “Aidah knows the truth, ask her, she will tell you.”
When we corroborated everything we had gathered, he said, “That one is lying. Let her bring the kid if she has failed,” and then he hang up.

Aidah however says, “He has told me to take the child to his parents’ home in Mpigi several times, but these are the same people who rejected the child. Secondly, there are about five children of his at the home he is not caring for. They don’t go to school. I don’t want my son to grow up without the benefit of education,” Aidah relays.