Andy events CEO resorts to Boda Boda

Andy events CEO resorts to Boda Boda



NEWS circulating the entertainment industry is how the singing trio of B2C soldiers dumped their Andrew Mugerwa of Andy Events. The outburst of this information scared many of their fans some developing goose pimples as they thought it was a stunt aimed at keeping them vibrant in the media.

However, eit has been confirmed that the singing trio dropped their manager though a clear version of the reasons behind their quit is not yet clear. Sources that have faced our reporters stipulated that the boys had issues with their manager ever since they conducted their concerts successfully. They were not paid as expected, hence resorting to divergence in business.

The B2c soldiers have fallen out with their manager Andy Events

It should be remembered that the trio’s current status at all costs are efforts injected in by Andy events. He is the guy who rose them from zero to hero.

Andy has injected a lot of money in the singing trio. He is a wealthy business man, but his status as a rich man is under question after he was spotted in town riding on a boda boda. Andy was comfortable on his ride oblivious of the eyes.

As to whether Andy will replace the singing trio with a new singing force is not yet disclosed neither have the B2C reveled their next plan. This has come a few months after Chozen blood left TNS, Lydia Jazimine dropped Bushington, khalifa Aganaga dropped Emma Carlos and the list continues.