Development Channel Boss Arrested

Development Channel Boss Arrested


By Website writer
Jinja Road Police have arrested the Development Channel Director as he planned to flee the country after allegedly conning millions of cash from unsuspecting Ugandans.

The 44-year-old British Nigerian Charles Lambert was arrested Tuesday evening for a second time in a period of four months on allegations of fleecing money from unsuspecting Ugandans in a grand scam deal.

Charles Nwabuikwu Lambert was first arrested on 23rd August 2018 by Kira Road Police as a result of angry employees from various transport companies trying to set ablaze one of the premises owned by Development Channel and also trying to lynch the Company Director Charles Nwabuikwu faulting him over their unpaid arrears.

Nwabiku is undergoing interrogation at Jinja Road Police station

Richard Kimuli Ssenoga the head of transporters told police that, Development Channel had since February 2018 hired a total of 63 PRADO SUVs to ferry various dignitaries around different parts of Uganda promising the owners daily income of Shs150,000.

Upon his first arrest Mr. Lambert paid a sum of Shs17 million and agreed to pay the remaining balance in a period of 2 months which he failed to adhere to hence accumulating to Shs213 million Uganda shillings as of 20th November 2018.

His arrest was sparked by a number of excuses fed to the angry creditors by the company director hence a response by Jinja Road Police to solve the concern.

Development Channel has been running a complex scheme under the guise of a poverty alleviation purporting to empower Africans with a lifetime payment in a ruse designed to defraud victims.

However, shock befell the aggrieved clients when they found out that the Bukoto based Development Channel Offices had been closed down and all properties sold out.



  1. Charles Lambert the founder and Chairman of development Channel is the greatest innovator African has ever had, a man with a burning desire to liberate African continent from poverty and disease. Africans has gotten political independent, but economically enslave to there colonial masters. Charles Lambert has come with a concept which is not know in this part of the world, this great innovation is the only way to e economic independent in Africa. i advice you Ugandans especially does called themselves Law enforcement agencies to bring there head down and join the economic war. if you fail to do so, sorry for you. you will come back begging on your knee but wont get it. do not look at the little stipends given to you act, look ahead to your future and that of your children and Africa at large. Africa First!! Economic War!! We Are Ready!!

    • Johnny . You are a Nigerian and a relative to him. Stop confusing us. Why is he not doing it in Nigeria.
      You deserve to be arrested too