Celebrities to look out for at the ASFAs Red Carpet

Celebrities to look out for at the ASFAs Red Carpet


By Solomon Muleyi

There was a time in Uganda, when Red Carpets were barely noticed at events. They were a mere part of the décor. Just a formality they threw in there to add glamour to an event. And as such, revelers never took them seriously. They left work and just sauntered in the event venue clad in the same clothes they had worked in for the 9 hours or so they’d been at office. Clothes that reeked of hustle. They wore faces that had been slapped with fatigue. It was little stress. Perhaps even the reason it was simple to accept an invitation, because it didn’t necessitate a wardrobe overhaul.
But that was before the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards happened to Uganda’s Entertainment Landscape. With every single unraveling of its morphing stages comes a new trend. And for the past 3 years of it’s happening at the Kampala Serena Hotel, the trend has been the tension it evokes because of its enormous Red Carpet Experience.
Celebrities, Socialites, corporates and the various types of people that seek to belong to the affluent class that the ASFAs attracts are pressured because of it. It has birthed the tension to look good. And as such, many book their designers as early as 5 months before the event. Socialites spend millions to be the best dressed at the Red Carpet. Some walk the extra miles, and design their own dresses to try and stand out. Others walk the eclectic mile, and show up in outfits that look like they’d inflict such harm on them.
It doesn’t help that the different sponsors outdo themselves, trying to erect creative back drop banners to attract the most photo opportunities. There are hits, and definite misses. But experiencing the ASFAs red carpet from the spectator’s angle is nonetheless, akin to watching a movie in a 3D Cinema Hall.
And if you are planning on attending this year’s ASFA’s that are happening tomorrow, 7th December at the Kampala Serena Hotel, these are some of the personalities you should look out for.
(And these pictures of how they dressed last year should give you a hint of how interesting this year will be.)
Rema Namakula
You wouldn’t think singer Rema Namakula a fashion zealot. Yet she surprised everyone last year with this dress. It seems like husband Eddie Kenzo’s fashion bug has caught up with her as well.

Rema Namakula looks resplendent in an overflowing dress

Judith Heard
There is little surprise here. Judith Heard has always held Uganda’s fashion flag high. And she will outdo herself every single time. Like she did here.
Judith Heard has been a fashion trend setter

Nana Akua
Ghanaian actress and socialite Nana Akua dazzled when she showed up in this dress made of glass. Yeah, she had to be careful not to harm herself while walking. But she broke necks while at it.
Nana Aqua in a new fish cut style dress

Malaika Nnyanzi
Radio presenter, and Events MC Malaika Nnyanzi (with a double ‘n’ as she so proudly asserts every time she introduces herself) is a sucker for fashion. She wows every single time she steps on the Red Carpet. Not just the ASFA’s one.
Malaika Nyanzi asfa red carpet

Sheila Gashumba
The petite diva is all about the boogie. So you will see her, miraculously looking like a goddess despite her miniature morphology.

Hellen Lukoma
There was that controversial picture of Hellen Lukoma at the ASFAs, where her dress revealed a bit of the groin area from the side of her right thigh. But that is Lukoma for you. Always sassy. Always controversial.
Hellen Lukoma is a stickler for fashion

Sylvia Namutebi
She is a former Miss Uganda so she knows a thing or two about fashion and design. If she attends, you will not miss her dress.
Sylvia Namutebi in a Glitz By Nalu dress

Tina Teise
She refers to herself as Kabaale Juice on most of her social media pages. And she sort of personifies that in her outfits. See for your self.
Tina Teise aka Kabale juice

Flavia Tumusiime
She recently got married to Andrew Kabuura. But is that the end for the many men who drool over her? Is it the last time she will dress ravishingly? We can only find out tomorrow at the ASFAs.
Flavia Tumusiime dd justice to the dress durin the previous ASFAs

Kwyn Florencio
She is a writer and photographer, but also a fashionista. Her tom boy office outfit made rounds last year. It was chic and so sexy without revealing as much of a skin.
Kwyn Florencio She is a writer and photographer, but also a fashionista. Her tom boy office outfit made rounds last year.