Douglas Lwanga Reveals Why Fik Fameica’s Concert Flopped

Douglas Lwanga Reveals Why Fik Fameica’s Concert Flopped


By Paul Waiswa

Whenever an event takes place, we see critics emerging up from various prominent personalities or stake holders relating and analyzing the flop or success. None the less, Media personality and Purple Party organizer Douglas Lwanga has come out and given his own professional opinion as to why Fik Fameica’s concert that was staged last Friday at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds flopped.


According to Douglas Lwanga, Fik Fameica’s concert flopped mainly because of Price issues, he states that Fik overpriced his concert yet he knows that his audience can never afford paying UGx 20,000 to enter his shows and among other factors as the celebrated TV personality elaborates.

Below is Douglas Lwanga’s assessment to Fik Fameica’s concert;

“FIK FAMEICAs Concert, My Opinion
I had alot going on that i couldnt find time to share with you this regarding the Fik Fameica concert. Let me try and make a few things clear. I think its wrong to think that if an artist’s concert doesn’t get a good turnup then the artist isn’t a strong artist. I believe in Fik Fameica and i know he has a bright career ahead of him. For us to laugh, scorn, make fun and crucify him because if the Turnup is Wrong. Let’s share as to why you saw the turn up like that.

Fik Fameica performed for a scanty crowd

My personal Story
One day a friend of mine told me to make purple party Entrance 20k at the uganda museum and I stupidly did so forgetting my target Audience. That was the Lowest Turnup we ever registered at any purple party. The reason was the Entrance Fee being 20k not 10k for our target market. I went home so sad but again that was the year the idea of the doing the Tours was born. Lesson, When you fall pick yourself up and Move. “Situka otambule” Once an event organiser understands his Audience then you will choose the concert price wisely as well as the right venue.

Here is why the turnup might have not have met your expectations. FikFameica Audience is largely the younger people
-40% are still in school- These cant afford 20k Entrance concerts because they arent working
-30% University- These can afford a 10k concert but may fail to attend one of 20k
-30 % working adults- These can afford 20k

Where was the Error?
If this concert was 10k and maybe a little twist to accomodate the younger students in highschool. Kyadondo would have been shut down.That concert was largely advertised with Billboards, Tv and Radio Banners not forgetting Banners and the rest. Am sure so many Fik Fameica Fans wanted to attend only the ticket price scared them. Them not attending doesnt mean they dont Love Fik. NO they couldn’t afford. The organizers should have known this. So don’t blame FIK.

Regardless i salute FikFameica for putting up a very great Performance Live. Shame on all people that are speaking ill and especially fellow artists who are scorning him. Fik is talented and lets not pull him down like we Ugandans always do. One fall doesnt mean you will stay on the floor. Am so sure 2019 will be even greater for Fik.

Way Forward?
That was the only problem, i dont blame Fik, it was just an over sight. Mistakes are human. If you have never made one then lets crown you a saint.These mistakes are made by we event organizers and they certainly don’t reflect to the artist as weak. You have seen international concerts of celebrated artists flop because of various reasons not because the artist was weak.

In summary concerts fail to get good turnup because of Ticket Prices, Unfavorable venue, Poor advertisement, wrong packaging, The Lineup, Season, Weather, and so many other reasons. I don’t believe people dont love FIK No. A few other things didnt play right but the boy is talented.

To you Fik Fameica
I still believe in you FIK and i know your destained to do greater things. Let’s move on. Keep making them dance. And to Ugandans the more we love our own the more this industry shall grow. Dont tear and break FikFameica. Let’s build him instead. One love. Stay Fresh Always. Fresh Bwoy