Bukoto’s Mask Lounge relaunches

Bukoto’s Mask Lounge relaunches


By Musa Ssemwanga
For years, the bukoto based bar has been a platform for uprising artists especially on their Tuesday night theme.

Also the club is Famous for its well decorated interior,dance floor and ambiance.

The newly revamped Mask Lounge is set to for a relaunch on Friday

However, management has found this not satisfactory enough especially during this festive season.

Slated for 21st December, the club will relaunch with an entertaining package of performers that includes deejays urban star, starboy, musicians, comedians and town Mc’s like Esco.

The club is said to have made an extension besides many other surprises on the night of the relaunch.
It is known for having a really good sound,conducive atmosphere and superb music.It is very tidy – both toilets and the club – though it is quite small and has many seats.