Bruno k speaks out on failed Kiboko collaboration with Khalifah

Bruno k speaks out on failed Kiboko collaboration with Khalifah


By Joan Murungi

For a long time, Khalifah Aganaga had abandoned his career, and this kept many people asking what really went wrong with the Katono singer.

He resurrected back to music with a song entitled Kiboko, a collaboration with singer Jose Chameleon.

Before Aganaga made this song a collaboration with Chameleon, Singer Kiggundu Bruno aka Bruno k had grabbed this opportunity first. It slipped his hands.

Bruno K missed the chance to perofrm Kiboko with Kalifah Aganaga

While in an interview with the Kampala sun, Aganaga revealed that the Kiboko song wasn’t of a kind to Bruno K.

“He is a good artiste but he couldn’t bring out the song well since he has a soft voice. When Chameleon made it better, I had to release the song,” Khalifah revealed.

According to Bruno K, the Katono singer had right to work with Chameleon since this was his project.

“It’s Khaliah’s song. He is right to do whatever he wants. I have a soft voice and the song needed roughness, he was right Bruno K revealed.

Singer Bruno K is known to be a ladies’ man. His songs are most liked by women who have fallen for his voice. His songs look to be bigger than him. If you by passed him, you would not easily take him for a celebrity.

Women like him for songs such as Wankuba, One for the road, ebisanyi a collaboration with Kabuye Ssemboga and many others.