Going European standards this Christmas

Going European standards this Christmas


By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

To get the real taste of Europe, the one upto the highest standards, you do not have to travel that far. All you have to do is go up to Le Gourmet Delicatessen on Quality Hill Boutique in Nsambya (next to the American Embassy). Just a few months into business, it has turned out to be a revelation to those who love the finer things in life. For the uninitiated, a delicatessen is really a shop selling unusual or foreign prepared foods. And it is what mainly happens here, although there is also space for coffee and juice.

It is the latest in fine dining. Uganda being a meat country (we really love our meat), this is the real deal. It deals in prime meat. It is a superior grade of beef; with a very high degree of far marbling and derived from young animals. It is from the pure Boran breeds, with animals grazed from birth up to 10 months. They are zero-grazed for the next four months, whilst being fed on a special diet. There is also the Duroc (breed from Belgium) prime pork that is a result of heated nurseries for the piglets and high quality feed. The pigs are fed on a natural well balanced feed regime, rigorously controlled for safety and health, resulting in tender, low on fat and great tasting pork. As a caution, you can insist on picking only the certified organic foods, for although all stuff here is organic some of it is not certified.

That is all just stuff to buy from there and prepare the meal at home. And because the meat is tender, and lean, it can easily make a bad good into a celebrated one for this season.

There is also a range of cold cuts including a selection from Durocd’Olives from delicious pork belly, salami, dried sausage, porchetta, cured ham and many others. Cheese varieties include Old Gouda, Parmesan Regiano, Old Amsterdam, Nazareth Classic, Swiss Emmental, Brugse Blomme, the list is endless with over 50 types of cheese options available to choose from.

Eating out

However, you can also go and eat “out” at Le Gourmet Delicatessen. You can try the gourmet burgers and sandwiches, and you will not regret. The flavoured coffee section should not be missed, partly because the coffee is decaffeinated.

However, you should not lost by all the terms used to identify your choice meat and organic food. There are amiable experts to explain these things. When I visited the place with a friend, he asked for meat that could make a “kikalayi” and he got a very helpful tutorial before he decided on what he could buy.