Hon Rebecca Kadaga to Support Quiin Abenakyo

Hon Rebecca Kadaga to Support Quiin Abenakyo


By Paul Waiswa

Quiin Abenakyo’s luck and success seems to have no limits as every day turns out to be more colorful and brighter. The Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, Rt Honorable Rebecca Kadaga is one of the many people who have been wished away by the beauty, intelligence and determination of Quiin Abenakyo. She met Quiin, the current Miss Uganda 2018/19 and Miss World, Africa 2018/19, during her visit at Parliament. Kadaga posted;

“We discussed a wide range of issues. Among her programs is to empower the girl child. She will also put emphasis on fighting teenage pregnancies and keeping the girl child at school.

Quinn Abenakyo and her parents with with speaker Kadaga

I commit to support Abenakyo in order for her plans to succeed as Miss Uganda and Miss Africa.

The speaker of parliament shared her beliefs on these programs to protect the girl child.

“I believe that this is the time for Abenakyo to implement her plans as Miss Uganda and also visit schools and other learning institutions in order to give moral support to students and encourage them to study.” She posted.