There’s more to passing or failing UNEB exams – Desire Luzinda

There’s more to passing or failing UNEB exams – Desire Luzinda


By Ahmed Muto

Songstress Desire Luzinda whose only daughter received harsh criticism from the public in 2017 over her primary seven results seem to not have recovered from the horror yet. The Kitone singer’s daughter Mitchelle Heather’s results where she scored eleven aggregates caused a social media storm two years ago with trolls saying her only child had failed much as it was a first grade. Desire cautioned parents and pupils that there is more to passing or failing exams.

In along post, she revealed how her daughter was disappointed after learning about her grades, and struggled to cheer her up for days. She says Mitchelle worked really hard, never missed lessons, put in extra hours and sought teachers to break down for things she didn’t understand in class.

She added that the situation was made worse when some media person just blew everything out of proportion that made both of them cry.

Desire Luzinda posted her daughter’s score card and urged parents to be calm

“As I was trying hard to get back my joyful daughter to life, a monster journalist began to write nasty fake stories about her performance which made the situation worse. Sometimes she asked me questions and as I tried to comfort her I would excuse myself and break down and cry because it caused so much pain but I promised myself never to let my daughter to see my tears,” she says.

Desire wrote that education results are not what determines the future so advised parents to love their children regardless. “PLE is just a step to a higher level and all can turn around for better. Speak life into your children, love them unconditionally and show them how and what you believe in them. There’s more to that. Putting more emphasis in personal interests, hobbies, talents and curriculum support is quite vital. There is so many ways a child can strive alongside education. That’s all that matters,” she wrote.