Anita Fabiola starts role as Good Will Tourism Ambassador

Anita Fabiola starts role as Good Will Tourism Ambassador


By Solomon Muleyi
Socialite and TV presenter Anita Fabiola has ‘fallen’ in things. She is the recipient of a stroke of luck when, shortly after Miss World Africa Quin Abenakyo fell sick, the Ministry of Tourism was looking for a good will tourism ambassador to replace her.

Anita Fabiola flanked by Minister Kiwanda Ssubi and the Independence Monument

The Eastern Tulambule Campaign was supposed to start last week on Sunday. Yet, because Miss World Africa Quinn Abenakyo was reported unwell by her care taker (Brenda Nanyonjo C.E.O Miss Uganda,) the trip was postponed to this week.

The trip has been flagged off with a change in the good will ambassador.

Socialite and renowned TV presenter Anita Fabiola has today joined a group of select Miss Tourism queens and social media Influencers for the Eastern edition of the Eastern Tulambule campaign trip.

According to Minister Godfrey Kiwanda, it is time for Uganda to stop reporting the negative things about Uganda, and instead focus on the beauty of the country.

“This trip is not about me. Or Anita Fabiola. Or the rest of the other Toursim Ambassadors. It’s a wake up call for patriotism. It’s a reminder for Ugandans that everyone should be a tourism ambassador. It’s time for us to harness the power of digital to promote Uganda, and elevate it to the number one leisure and tour destination in East Africa, the continent and the world over,” explained Kiwanda during the morning flag off ceremony held at the Independence Monument.