Meet artist, Monk E, who has made a name painting celebrities

Meet artist, Monk E, who has made a name painting celebrities


By Ronnie Twine

His most popular piece of art is a painting of Mowzey Radio, which features on a wall at Kololo based, DNA Lounge. He has also painted Bobi Wine, Chameleone and many other celebrities. His name is Monk-E (David Yergeau). He is a Canadian by origin, but he has fallen in love with Uganda. “Uganda is like a home to me. My work has dug roots deep roots here.”

Canadian born Monk E has made a name painting celebrities

He is not willing to settle even when his work is much appreciated here. “I am a nomad. I am always on the move. I have traveled to different countries and I still going to many more. Everywhere I go, I plant my seeds, that’s my strange way of settling,” he says. He has to travel to keep his creative juices flowing.

What inspired his Radio painting? “I came to Uganda a day after Radio had died. The country was mourning. I could feel it. I didn’t know Radio but when I heard about him and saw the mood, I came with a painting to depict his legacy, this love that people had for him.”

A drawing of Jose Chameleone done by Monk. E

Chameleone has called him the most talented artist he has met. He is wowed by the Canadians talent, yet that’s not all he has to his credit. Monk is also a musician, and a poet. “I have songs, albums with a checklist of Ugandan musicians. I am also working on book about my travels around the world.”

Away from Uganda, Monk has worked with international stars like Kendrik Lamar.

He says he travels a lot, I ask him whether he has a family, “I was once married but things did not work out. Of course there is a biological family I come from. My family is in Canada.”

Monk is in his late 30’s.



  1. Very very impressive…..great work!!! However we too have Artists born and raised in Uganda and are equally good offence though.