I will get married at 35 – Irene Ntale

I will get married at 35 – Irene Ntale


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Irene Ntale recently turned 30 years and according to her, it came with a bunch of demands from her fans, one of which is marriage. The “Sembera” hitmaker notes that she didn’t see it coming because she thought she will always be 29 years. She claims that now people are pestering her with questions on when she plans to get married, have children because now she has grown old, especially on social media where she is bullied.

Irene Ntale has revealed that she will marry at 35 years

However, she says she is does not have time now and will perhaps get married at 35 years. She notes that there are many people that get married young and end up miserable.

“There are many people who get married when they are still young and end up miserable in their marriage and when they want to leave, they can’t. When you have a deep conversation with them, they are like please wait but it is the single ones pestering you,” she says.

She adds that she is dating but unlike in the past, she would look for God fearing, tall and mugged but now she wants somebody who is intelligent, and can stimulate her brain.