Miss Curvy is not about sex or discrimination – Kiwanda

Miss Curvy is not about sex or discrimination – Kiwanda


By Ahmad Muto

Well, the whole miss curvy beauty pageant idea kind of raises more dust each passing minute following the mixed reaction it has attracted from the public with those against it making their case much louder than those for it.

Tourism Minister, Godfrey Kiwanda who happens to be the brain behind the pageant, passing it off as a tourist attraction has been roasted from all angles and has since commented.

He claims he was misunderstood by the public, taking it out of context yet it similar to all the beauty pageants they are used to, only difference is this is for curvy women and is organised by the ministry.

Minister Kiwanda launches the Miss Curvy competition

“The issue of miss curvy is being taken wrongly. I was quoted out of context because Miss curvy is not the first beauty contest organised in Uganda. The only difference is one, Miss curvy is focussing on those women who are slightly bigger than those that have been participating in the rest of the pageants,” he says.

He notes that it is not about sex, immorality or discrimination but appreciating God’s creation like it is the case in Nigeria, Kenya and other countries.