Desire Luzinda blasts Chosen Becky online trolls

Desire Luzinda blasts Chosen Becky online trolls


Desire Luzinda has blasted Chozen Becky’s trolls

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Desire Luzinda who has been a victim of cyber bullying has voiced her opinion on the vice that is fast-growing across social media platforms. The “what a man” singer says she was disturbed by rising star, Chosen Becky’s photo that she found on her feeds with an unpleasant caption referring to her nose. “I stumbled on this picture that I found in my Facebook news feeds and I was disturbed (note that it is the first time). Cyber bullying is a growing problem because of increasing usage and embrace of online interactivity. I am talking about internet congregate mediums like Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, instagram, tick tock, YouTube, Pintetest and others.

I AM sure some, if not all of you have experienced internet fights. Others launch diss-grenades against others and we are negligently docile enough to think it is fashionable. It is NOT!,” she wrote.

Chozen Becky has been a victim of online trolls

She went ahead to mention international pop star Demi Lovato who has been a victim of cyber bullying and the suicide of Phoebe Prince in 2010 as results of such vices. She noted that being a celebrity does not make one immune from cyberbullies. She urged people to respect Chosen Becky who is young and trying to build a career.

“The picture below is of Chosen Becky, a fast rising home artiste. She is an 18-year-old who is trying to be somebody. Then you wonder at someone that chose to pick and capitalise on her God modelled ‘nose’ and put her down forgetting there will always be someone richer, someone prettier, someone who dresses better than the other and so is the world we live in, we cannot be the same.
There’s absolutely no need to focus on such demeaning features to put someone down.

People have lost self-esteem because of social media remarks, our brothers and sisters have lost their lives, their dreams, themselves… Name it.
Until you are a victim, you would never understand how this feels fatal. We do not have to wait to fall victims to rise or act,” she continues.

Luzinda has asked social media users to rise up against cyber bullying.