Nwagi was forced to unfriend me – Irene Ntale

Nwagi was forced to unfriend me – Irene Ntale


By Ahmad Muto

After about two years since she fell out with her first management company, Swangz Avenue, Singer Irene Ntale seem to still have a lot to say.

She has now revealed that her relationship with fellow singer Winnie Nwagi, still managed by Swangz is close to non-existent.

She explains that she learnt sometimes you got to lose people, not because they want to lose you but they are forced to let you go because of where they are.

Ntale and Nwagi during Kabaka;s 61st Birthday

“What happened between me and Nwagi is that she was forced to let go of the relationship because I was nolonger with them. It is not like she wanted to do it and I also didn’t want to put her in a place of choosing because she had to choose her career and so listen to her manager,” says Ntale.

She further adds that as a result, it brought a constraint in their relationship that eventually died.

It should be remembered that before Irene Ntale left the Swangz, it was rumoured she had a strained working relationship Nwagi because the label had now shifted focus to her.