Zambians troll Faridah Nakazibwe over stealing facebook posts

Zambians troll Faridah Nakazibwe over stealing facebook posts


By Ahmad Muto

Media personality Faridah Nakazibwe has by far cut herself a spot on social media as one of the most followed women in Uganda. Her following has grown over time, given her posts that most likely pass her off as a digital counsellor or life coach of sorts, despite her relationship woes reported in the media.

However, it now turns out her posts are not as legit as her following. She has been xeroxing posts of a Zambian life coach who has just found out about it and is very furious at her. Emmanuel Mukula who calls himself a life coach, counsellor among other titles has been joined by his fellow countrymen and women in calling out the NTV Uganda news anchor to drop the vice.

“Just checking her wall and she has over 10 posts written by me and she doesn’t acknowledge. ‘Your marriage is not a community project’, ‘How to make your man love you more.” All these are my posts,” Mukula wrote.

Zambians have accused her of wanting to become famous by pretending to be knowledgeable and a good writer.



  1. There are differences in cultures across the African globe. In some cultures, marriage are quite open. Meaning that partners are shared around the community with other people, as long as neither party is caught (SADC). This can be quite a shock, if one is not used to it and often a reason for reluctance in mixing with this different cultures. In fact others may see it as low quality behaviour, whilst others seem to have no problem with it, at all, and will bed hop from one home to another (AIDS intow). Then galantly demand to share money and goods the husband provides. Society break-down!
    In some cultures, all the bedroom politics, squabbles between partners is brought to the living room too around guests on a dinner table. Another difference in culture! There are little or no boundaries/ fuzzy boundaries. So you can imagine what goes through people’s minds when these cultures try to enforce their ideals on those who do not share the same belief systems.
    So, by all means, they will complain if you continue to distrupt their way of thinking. So acceptance is common just at work and no further.