Stop nominating me in your cheap Awards- DJ Erycom

Stop nominating me in your cheap Awards- DJ Erycom


By Paul Waiswa

Veteran DJ Erycom seem to be targeting big things in the music industry this 2019 after rejecting local Awards which he believes are no longer of his status. Erycom is one of the biggest Ugandan exports. He has performed in 34 different countries as a guest deejay and performed on the world’s biggest stages.

Recently, he was nominated in the Dj Association Of Uganda Awards but he trashed the nomination saying he doesn’t want and doesn’t deserve to be nominated because there are better Ugandan based best deejays that deserve the award.

DJ Erycom has come out grumbling over local awards


I joined the Uganda music industry in 2007 with an aim of adding a brick to it. Am glad I have todate become a household name in Uganda as far as music is concerned. I didn’t join the same expectating any AWARDS or REWARDS.

This is the 3rd time I am warning and advising all individuals or organizations never to ever NOMINATE me in any Awards.

There are so many good DJs like Dj-Bryan Ting, Mutesa, John Deejaykris etc that should be nominated but you choose to downgrade them to focus on me. Mulekere awo okuzalawa other DJs.

YouTube Awarded me in 2016 but I didn’t publicize it (Why) I don’t work for Awards neither am I here to compete or be compared to anyone. Iam here to deejay & promote.

Please remove my name from the Nominees.

23rd March 2019 Am In Netherlands for the Amsterdam Reloaded Concert By Eddie.

Your’s DJ Erycom “Since 2007″

I am Local But Global,” Dj Erycom posted.



  1. Ye sebo, alina amattu awulidde,
    Thanks for the job done bro en keep that spirit of trending Ugandan music worldwide.