We shall die defending our land- Bobi Wine

We shall die defending our land- Bobi Wine



After residents of Kamwokya down town getting scared of the evictions, Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has revealed that he recently learnt of a plan by ‘land-grabbers’ to illegally evict him and several other Kamwokya residents from their land. And against that revelation the MP has vowed that those planning the illegal eviction should know they will kill him and other residents as they try to defend their land, or those on the ‘illegal eviction’ mission will themselves die in Kamwokya.

“I have heard that they want to evict our people from their houses. Even if it is still only a rumor, we know that in the recent past people have been illegally evicted from their land. So I am sending a message to whoever is saying that they are going to demolish people’s houses here in Kamwokya and evict people within a week that is simply a bad joke. We as the people of Kamwokya are sending a strong message to whoever is intending to demolish our structures, just know that when you’re coming here to attack us illegally you will either kill us from here in Kamwokya or you will not leave this place alive yourself,” Robert Kyagulanyi said

Bobi Wine has resisted eviction from kamwokya

Addressing his fellow Kamwokya residents/landlords and other stakeholders yesterday evening in a spontaneous meeting to discuss the rumors of the impending eviction, Bobi Wine said: “Nobody has a right to evict you from your land, any land eviction is supposed to be bound out of court orders and that court order is supposed to be a result of a legal process. That has not happened yet, so I want to assure all of you that you’re not occupying wherever you are occupying illegally. The law protects you whether you’re ‘Bibanja’ owners or ‘land’ owners. The same law protecting the people of Kololo in the same way it protects people in the Ghetto of Kamwokya.”

“I want to call up all of us to stay calm, stay focused to work together with our leaders, but when these people try to attack us I want you to be ready to defend yourselves. To the leaders, you are not bosses, you’re supposed to be servants of these people, and so whatever you say is supposed to be a reflection of what these people are saying. I am calling upon us to hold all leaders accountable.”

However, occupants on the land in question will be meeting the brain behind the eviction this Sunday to iron out issues and find the appropriate remedy that will not leave others in blood shade.