Sheebah runs the music industry – Ronnie Mulindwa

Sheebah runs the music industry – Ronnie Mulindwa


By Ahmad Muto

Former Obsessions dancer and trainer Ronnie Mulindwa has added his voice to the much anticipated Sheebah and Cindy music battle that has gathered momentum the last few days.

Mulindwa who once mentored Sheebah Karungi at the Obsessions says he is not against the battle but how it is being handled. He says he has watched both artistes, Cindy is good in her own right but she should know that Sheebah is the one running the Ugandan industry right now.

Sheebah has been feuding with Cindy

“Does Cindy think the people who pay for Sheebah’s concert and buy tables are fools. In the last six months, Cindy has had no song in the top local songs but Sheebah has about five,” he explains.
Ronnie Mulindwa has sided with Sheebah in the feud with Cindy

Mulindwa accused Cindy of daring people claiming that from her time at Blu3, they always said Obsessions can’t performs yet they beat them wherever they went.

He adds that he is against Cindy attacking Sheebah’s business. “She would not have done it in the media but pulled Sheebah aside and told her she didn’t sing properly. Cindy has no authority to say who can sing or cannot do.”