Lutaaya frees New Eagles artistes

Lutaaya frees New Eagles artistes


Bettinah Namukasa is one of the artistes who were excited by the new development

By Stella Naigino

Artistes signed to the New Eagle’s production that is headed by Geoffrey Lutaya and his wife Irene Namutebi are celebrating after achieving something that they say they have longed for a very long time.

They have been set free by their bosses who allowed them to get personal managers that will help connect them to any concert that they prefer to go to and perform.

Here they will make their own money and will not be accountable to any one as it has been before.

Speaking in an interview, Lutaya said, they took up these artists and groomed them. Today their artists have grown musically and its time they let them work and enjoy the fruits of their work.

“They are still part of the New eagle’s production, but after they have done what is required of them in the group, they are free to perform in any concert or music show, “he adds.

Betina Namukasa who is one of those who are in the New Eagle’s production said, she has waited for this time and she feels privileged to have such a team.

“They love us and wish us well. They took us on when we knew nothing about music but today we are somewhere, we will make them proud and work hard to better our lives, “said Namukasa.

She adds that now that she is free to fly like a bird, she will have more music for her funs