Sheila Gashumba,Mc Kats cat fight intensifies

Sheila Gashumba,Mc Kats cat fight intensifies


By Joan Murungi
Mc Kats and Sheila Gashumba have always been known to be good friends. However, their relationship went sower when Mc Kat’s felt so concerned about Gashumba’s issues as Gashumna tremed him a traitor.
When Gashumba revealed her intensions to sue Laparonis, a city bar based at parliamentary avenue for using her picture on their social media platforms without her permission, a number of people condemned.

Amongst these are comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi who told her to let go of such things.

Mc Katts and Fik Fameica in a recent picture. He has vowed to refund the sh200,000 Sheila lent him

Gashumba wasn’t pleased with Kats’ reaction as the two ended up into a verbal fight. During an interview, Sheila termed Kats a traitor whom she gave 200k at the same night the picture was taken.
The Tweet where MC Katts and Sheila Gashumba exchange barbs

However, her comment annoyed the tiny Mc as he went on as revealed “I have put 50k interest. I didn’t know that when a person buys someone a drink, that’s something big.Abantu bagula bottle ne tunaba nako,”.

Gashumba replied “A beggar can’t give a giver! I didn’t say that I want the money back. I said that you should have at least called me to ask for my side of the story! You know I don’t need that money but you need it,’’.