Comedian Ann kansiime celebrates new boyfriend’s birthday

Comedian Ann kansiime celebrates new boyfriend’s birthday


By Joan Murungi

‘Akantu kangye’ has for all times been the name Ann Kansiime showers her new boyfriend with. Ever since she separated with Gerald Ojok, she has shown the entire world how happy she is with her new man Abraham Tukahirwa alias Skylanta.
The two lover birds have always exaggerated their undying love for each other on social media where Kansiime has vowed to love Skylanta for life.
“Prepare yourself for a lifetime of deep loving and devotion my angel, ”Kansiime revealed.

Anne Kansiime and boyfriend cutting cake to celebrate his birthday

She revealed this while celebrating Skylanta’s birthday as she showed him with praises.

“Akantukangye was born on the 15th of April today which makes it a public holiday for this happy heart of mine. We are going to cut our cake and eat it together.

Happy birthday sky wangye. Webare Kunkuda Tukahirwa wangye, ”Kansiime revealed.

She however did not reveal Skylanta’s age.