Mimi, Sarah Joy Bakanansa beef gets ugly

Mimi, Sarah Joy Bakanansa beef gets ugly

US based Napeshirah Mimi is engaged in a war of words with socialite Sarah Joy Bakanansa

By Website writer
There is serious beef raging on between two US based Ugandan socialites, Sarah Joy Bakanansa and Napeshirah Mimi which is likely to land them in trouble with immigration.

Their beef started last week when it was revealed that Sarah Joy was getting close to Mimi’s boyfriend. It is revealed that Mimi got scared about the rumour following a catalogue of stories that detailed Sarah Joy’s health status following a hi-octane like in Dubai before she settled in the USA three years ago.

Sarah Joy Bakanansa has taken to body shaming her former friend

Moles say that the two have been trading barbs online and threatened to report each other to immigration authorities. Mimi is threatening to teach Sarajoy a lesson she will not forget, a source tells Kampala Sun.

It is revealed that when Sarah Joy, the Amber Rose Wannabe hooked a pensioner, she started acting aloof. She has been trying to secure citizenship through marriage but has so far failed owing to her failure to bear him a child.

Sources say, Mimi is determined to make life miserable for Sarah Joy and she could be on the next flight to Entebbe as her immigration obligations are allegedly suspect.

Mimi and her boyfriend, who she accuses Sarah Joy of making passes at.

Interestingly, sources reveal that Sarah Joy once lived with Mimi during her first months in the USA and it could be the reason they are spewing each other’s intimate secrets. Sarah Joy once dated blogger Ashburg Katto before leaving for the US three years ago.

Sarahjoy Bakanansa recently took to snapchat in a bitter exchange with Mimi. She wrote in part… “In fifteen years you will worship the land walk on because I am running at a faster rate and you are crawling,” She wrote.

Sarah joy later body shamed Mimi: “I will donate $5,000 (sh18.5m) to your name. Big girls take care of their bodies but even though you are in the US, you look like a mashed potato with no shape. You are a fake Versace wannabe who cannot afford $10,000 (sh37m) for surgery,” she fumed.

Mimi poses next to her Mercedes Benz. She insists claims that she cannot afford a measly $5,000 are lies

In an exclusive interview, Mimi recalls how a desperate Sarah joy went to the US to work as her nanny. “She was working for me as a baby sitter but left when I paid her. She wants to take over my man, which I will not let to happen,” she said.
Mimi also reveals that she has been busy with studies to respond to Sarah Joy. “I just graduated,” she said.

She also revealed that it is silly for Sarah joy to brand her poor yet she has a fleet of cars parked in her courtyard.